Bureau, Boca, Smoove – In 2015, it’s all about 45!


This year is all about small vinyl making a huge impact on dance and club culture once again. As usual, the epidemic starts in the UK, thanks to DJ Smoove’s and Boca 45’s crazy-amazing 7-inch vinyl parties. Now the virus is going to sweep the party people on the continent off their feet!

Boca 45 – Bristol’s most eclectic producer just announced his new album, to be released end of March. He’ll present “Dig, Eat, Beats, Repeat” as well as all the 7-inches that shaped his unique sound! From soul, funk, hip-hop to disco, rock, and beats!

Listen to Boca’s new single “Mr Big Sun” featuring Stephanie McKay.

Do we really need to introduce DJ Smoove once more? He’s the musical mastermind behind Smoove & Turrel’s hugely successful 2014 album “Broken Toys”. Now he rediscovered his love for the 7-inch format and amazes the dance crowds with a massive fun experience.

Check out Smoove’s new strictly 45 vinyl mix!

And there is also more to come from bureau45, now in their 10th year in the music business. Be prepared and be sure to be part of the 45 movement!

Contact frank@bureau45.com for details and bookings!

Hip Hop At It’s Best: De La Soul’s DJ Maseo

DJ Maseo_620x350

Quality hip hop has always been close to the heart and soul of bureau45. So we’re particularly proud to welcome DJ Maseo to our artist pool!

When De La Soul’s “3 Feet High & Rising” hit the scene in 1989, the album set the standards for an entire generation of hip hop artists. Open-mindedness towards new genres, innovative collaborations and a fine sense of humor paved the path for a universe of new ideas and sounds. De La Soul and Maseo maintained their credibility, curiosity and their innovative minds. Most recently they toured with Gorillaz worldwide, with entire stadiums chanting Maseo’s name to prompt his now infamous demented laugh to start off the performance of “Feel Good Inc”. Maseo is currently working on his “DJ-Conductor” concept album and can be seen in the award-winning “Beats Rhymes & Life” A Tribe Called Quest Documentary.

DJ Maseo is available for DJ sets in clubs and for festivals. Please contact frank@bureau45.com for details and conditions.


More information and music here:

Maseo / De La Soul & Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc

Maseo at Redbull Music Academy

Cee-Lo, Mos Def, Q-Tip, Public Enemy, Estelle, EPMD pay tribute to De La Soul


“All The Roads” From L.A. To Europe

Pigeon John_620x350

Hip-hop meets pop meets electro – Pigeon John’s new album is another bomb for the dancefloor – and we proudly welcome him to our artist roster!

When in 2010 Pigeon John’s “The Bomb” blasted the clubs, festivals and – through the amazing Volkswagen commercial – tv screens, it meant a turning point in his 10 years career that began in L.A.’s open-mic scene in the late 90s. The according album “Dragon Slayer” used samples of original instrumentation to blend hip-hop, pop music and electro to an uplifting sound experience.

With his new album “All The Roads” he continues and refines this work, re-adding some of his spoken-word roots with the lyrics. Energetic, charming, innovative, uplifting, deep, personal but never too serious – the new release has everything you need for great entertainment.

Pigeon John will be touring Europe in March 2015 to promote “All The Roads” and we are happy to offer available dates for the tour as well as for festivals in summer.

Please contact frank@bureau45.com for details.


More information on Pigeon John and the new album here:

Official website



Bites, Scratches and Rock’n’Roll for 2015!


Loo & Placido kick off the New Year with their new ‘[SDM] Smashing Dance Music’ A / V show.

Watch the amazing trailer on YouTube!

Our French masterminds Loo & Placido spent the last months to work out some amazing new ideas, stage designs, visuals and of course incredible mash-ups and bootlegs for their fans. Geek art, pop culture and the most popular dance music genres are blended into a high-energy entertainment experience. From small clubs to big festival stages – Loo & Placido’s SDM show will get the crowds on their dancing feet!

A free SDM bootleg pack is available for download HERE.

Please contact frank@bureau45.com for availability and booking options!

New album from DJ Kormac now available!

DJ Kormac – Doorsteps

We’re happy to share the news that the new album from our friend DJ Kormac, ‘Doorsteps’ is now available on Bodytonic Music in digital format and as a limited  12″ vinyl edition.

The record features collaborations with legendary ‘Trainspotting’ author Irvine Welsh, Mercury Music Prize winner Speech Debelle, Bonobo vocalist and spoken-word artist Bajka, and many more.

“Reminds me of a cross between Kid Koala and Fingathing.” – DJ Food

With Doorsteps’, Kormac moves ahead from using vintage and film samples to creating his own original sound, based on the vocal recordings of his illustrious guests and a 10-piece Big Band ensemble.

Having performed at Annie Mac’s Amp Night she described them as “the most bizarre set-up I’ve ever seen – but it really works”.

DJ Kormac and his Big Band already became festival favourites, playing main stages at Glastonbury, Bestival and Electric Picnic. Thereafter they were soon performing across Europe, Asia and Africa which resulted in a tour of Australia with Portishead and The Flaming Lips.

Kormac’s solo audio visual show is driven by his aptitude for creating multi-sensory performances. Armed with new technology, he plays, scratches and manipulates both audio and video. Other variations on his live performances include a straight up DJ set and a sound system variation with live performance.

Please contact frank@bureau45.com for availability and conditions!

Listen to a preview in the “Listen” section on bureau45 below.

More information on DJ Kormac and the new album here and on facebook.