Cool Collaboration: Diplomat of Sounds

Nubya Garcia_620x350_c Adama Jalloh

We are always searching for great new sounds for the clubs and festivals we’re working with, and also, for fruitful new partnerships with people who share our love for music. So we’re particularly happy to collaborate with Diplomat of Sounds, a booking/artist/tour management/event agency from UK who also love to spread the vibe of new music, passion and quality.

We start with the brilliant Nubya Garcia, one of the rising stars of the UK’s young and urban jazz scene. 
Championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson , Jazz FM and Jazz re:freshed, Nubya has had an electric start to 2018.
 She also has won the Jazz FM & Sky Art Award this year. 

She’s busy touring the planet but currently still available for Spring and Summer 2019, so contact us soon for more information!
Watch her amazing performance here:

‘She has a commanding tone, pliable, fibrous and full of power’, Richard Williams, The Blue Moment
“Brilliant, brilliant saxophonist…creating a lot of waves” - Gilles Peterson
“A burgeoning artist of genuine star quality” - Bonafide

Good Vibes only – Freez and his PandaParty!


Party folks are slowly finding their way back from the festivals into the clubs. So why not give them a warm welcome with that summer feeling we got to love over the last months?

With DJ Freez and his PandaParty you get a true expert who will play his way into the hearts of your guests right away. Remixes and edits from HipHop Classics, Trap, Future Bass, Dancehall, Funk, Reggae, Dubstep presented with top level skills and lots of fun

The PandaParty is one of the biggest dance events in Germany since more than ten years, rocking the most fashionable clubs and event halls from Municht to Cologne and festivals like Southside, Taubertal or Schlacko.

With Freez’ more than 50.000 followers on facebook and more than 90,000 clicks in just three months for his latest single Sheesh Blacka Blacka on YouTube he’ll surely guy of choice for your next party.

Let’s get pandalized!



So many news, so little time


We lost it a bit in regard to  keeping the page updated. But not because the heat is melting down our brains and energy (although it does, in a way…), no we just have so many new artists, collaborations, and ideas to take care of.!

Just a few for a start:

Da Cruz: An amazing Brasilian singer and her Swiss band, bridging the entire span from worldbeat to funk, from melancholia to political statement to dancefloor heat.

Freez: The dj, producer, mastermind behind famous German Panda Party. Pure fun!

Also there are great new new releases  from our friends  Smoove & Turrel, Dero & Klumzy, Boca 45 and and and…

Drop us a note if you’d like to know more! Or visit us on facebook for brief updates in between!

New at bureau45: Freak Power

Freak Power for News

Remember the days when cool sounds were used for commercials that rather looked like MTV videos?

Freak Power, formed in 1993 by Norman Cook and Ashley Slater, created one of the signature tunes of that era: Turn On, Tune in, Cope Out. The song hit no. 1 in the UK in 1995 when it appeared in a campaign for a big blue jeans company, and proves its class until today.

Now, Ashley is back with a Freak Power band that features new talented musicians along with some of the great original players from back then. Their set is cool, sexy, energetic, lyrical, and even more powerful and timely than in the early days.

The new single Soul Clap was taken from the upcoming EP “United State”.

The promo tour will bring all the new and of course the best from the classic sound to festivals and clubs around Europe.

We’re really excited to work with those great guys! Get in touch wih us for details and availability.



Bring out the Sound: The Herbaliser are back


The Herbaliser have been one of bureau45’s favourite bands since the early days and we’re very happy to work with DJ Ollie Teeba for quite a while now. So of course, we were delighted to hear about the upcoming new album Bring out the Sound – their first in half a decade – which will be out on UK independent label BBE in March 2018.

Be it on Ninja Tune, !K7 or BBE, The Herbaliser have established a unique voice, combining hip hop beats, jazz, electronic sounds, and widescreen soundtrack elements. On Bring out the Sound they even add some acoustic-edged pop. Together with UK Legend Rodney P and London vocalist Just Jack, The Herbaliser create a new layer of their distinctive hip hop sound.

We’re very proud to have the opportunity to bring The Herbaliser to your clubs and festivals. Options include live band, sound system (with Rodney P!) and DJ Set, please contact us for details.