Music Sun Love: Mo’ Horizons

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For twenty years now, Mo’ Horizons are producing Germany’s hottest blend of club music, bossa, cumbia, jazz and funk. They have released five albums, their songs are represented on more than 500 compilations and they played festivals all over the world, including Playground in Australia, CBT Dance Festival in Brazil, Poolbar Festival in Austria and Elbjazz Festival in Hamburg/Germany.

With their new album Music Sun Love (Agogo Records), Mo’ Horizons take you on a musical journey from Bulgaria via Tel Aviv and South America to Australia. Join them on their refreshing and groovy trip, you’re in great company! Amazing musicians from all over the world contributed to the album, including long-term companion Nené Vasquez and Elvis Aljus alias Gypsy Brown from Australia’s The Bamboos.

Of course, Mo’ Horizons will present the new album on a tour and we are happy to bring lots of music, sun and love to your clubs and stages!

Contact us for further information!

Young cool jazz talents from Berlin: Wanubalé


Wanubalé is a set of nine young and talented musicians from Berlin and Potsdam who take influences from modern electronic music, jazz, funk and dub, and turn them into an explosive mixture that leaves you no choice but to move!

Their gigs burst with energy – no wonder with a four-headed brass section and two drummers – and live up to highest musical standards. In 2018, Wanubalé won the established German Sparda Jazz Award with jazz legend Klaus Doldinger as a member of the jury by an unanimous vote. Their debut album on Agogo Records is announced for this summer.

What’s best: Wanubalé really love to play and have their own bus fully packed with the complete backline. We’re really proud those young cool guys decided to join our roster, so don’t miss out on the chance to bring them onto your stages. Please contact us for details!

New Underground Soundz

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We start 2019 with introducing two amazing and totally unique World Beat-Dance-Crossover acts, both touring during summer season 2019 and beyond.

So please feel free to get in touch!

Animanz (Live/UK)
Style: Exotica, Psyche, Jazz, Funk, Cumbia, Afro

London-based Animanz and their Congolese singer Juanita Euka. The genre-smashing collective was formed in 2013 and has just released their debut album ‘Exotic Other’ on Tru Thoughts.

Their sound unites flavours of rhumba, cumbia and afro with a punk attitude and electro-funk energy. Animanz say: “a melting pot; an all-inclusive party for everyone”.

Undeground System (Live/New York)
  – in colaboration with AFX Agency
Style: Wave, Disco, Afro Beat, Crossover

At the crossroads of Antibalas and Talking Heads, this New York live band displays a radiant cosmopolitanism and invokes both afrobeat, and disco than no wave. Those who like to define themselves as “advocates of the cultural clash” are far from the warlike opposition! Their mantra would rather be the perpetual search for a dance music likely to move any listener, whatever its cultural or musical references.

Signed on the Soul Clap label and defended by Rough Trade in publishing, Underground System has already released 2 EPs, and released its first album on September 7, 2018.

Good Vibes only – Freez and his PandaParty!


Party folks are slowly finding their way back from the festivals into the clubs. So why not give them a warm welcome with that summer feeling we got to love over the last months?

With DJ Freez and his PandaParty you get a true expert who will play his way into the hearts of your guests right away. Remixes and edits from HipHop Classics, Trap, Future Bass, Dancehall, Funk, Reggae, Dubstep presented with top level skills and lots of fun

The PandaParty is one of the biggest dance events in Germany since more than ten years, rocking the most fashionable clubs and event halls from Municht to Cologne and festivals like Southside, Taubertal or Schlacko.

With Freez’ more than 50.000 followers on facebook and more than 90,000 clicks in just three months for his latest single Sheesh Blacka Blacka on YouTube he’ll surely guy of choice for your next party.

Let’s get pandalized!



So many news, so little time


We lost it a bit in regard to  keeping the page updated. But not because the heat is melting down our brains and energy (although it does, in a way…), no we just have so many new artists, collaborations, and ideas to take care of.!

Just a few for a start:

Da Cruz: An amazing Brasilian singer and her Swiss band, bridging the entire span from worldbeat to funk, from melancholia to political statement to dancefloor heat.

Freez: The dj, producer, mastermind behind famous German Panda Party. Pure fun!

Also there are great new new releases  from our friends  Smoove & Turrel, Dero & Klumzy, Boca 45 and and and…

Drop us a note if you’d like to know more! Or visit us on facebook for brief updates in between!