Double Feature: My Bad Sister new at b45

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My Bad Sister are East London-born identical twins Polly and Sophie Duniam. Half way between a band and a DJ, the girls mash-up a urban shake of catchy melodies and heavy bass & beats. The all-singing/rappin, all-dancing, turbo-charged show is making big waves on the underground rave scene – they call this A CABARAVE!

Performing and recording for six years My Bad Sister‘s lyrical delivery, razor-sharp mirrored choreography and subversive themes have earned them some serious respect. Playing main stages at Freekuency, BoomTown and Glastonbury to name but a few.

watch them here:

A new single and video will be released in December, the new album will follow in early 2018 and we’re very proud to bring them to your clubs and festivals. Please contact us for availability and conditions!

10 out of 10: MF Robots!


We’re quite proud of our brand-new heavyweight roster entry Music for Robots a.k.a. MF Robots.

The new project of Brand New Heavies founder Jan Kincaid and fellow singer Dawn Joseph has been formed in late 2016 and debuted in January with The Night is Calling.

The single received a ten out of ten review in Mixmag magazine, and catapulted MF Robots into several performances on BBC radio as well as headliner stages at some of the biggest international festivals in summer (Black Sea Festival in Georgia and Umeá Festival in Sweden to name but a few).

Their debut album will be out in spring 2018 – and we’ll be happy to bring them to your festivals and clubs throughout Europe!

If you want to get a funky, uplifting, fresh and up-to-date version of the inspiring Acid Jazz Sound, please contact us for available countries and dates.

Super. Soul. Supersoul.


Es gibt wieder einen Neuzugang im bureau45-Roster: SUPERSOUL aus Hannover.

Die vierköpfige Band – für Festivals auch in großer Besetzung mit Bläsern und Backgroundsängerinnen zu haben – verbindet in ihren selbstgeschriebenen Songs urbane Funk- und Soulgrooves mit deutschen Texten.

Rau und analog im Studio Nord in Bremen produziert, liefert ihr Debutalbum Supersoul authentische und leidenschaftliche Botschaften gegen Rassismus, Gier und Engstirnigkeit – stilsicher verpackt in einen fetten, funky, extrem tanzbaren Sound. Ganz in der großen Stax-Tradition, die SUPERSOUL genauso geprägt hat wie der lässig-discoide Phillysound. Das Album erscheint am 28.Oktober 2017 auf Agogo Records und wird mit einer großen Promotour begleitet.

Wer  bis dahin zu neugierig ist, kann sich mit  “Feuer“, der ersten Auskopplung aus dem Album, oder der  demnächst erhältlichen, genialen Souladaption von „Mein Name ist Mensch“ von  Ton, Steine, Scherben die Wartezeit verkürzen.

Hier geht’s zum Album-Teaser:

Wir freuen uns, Euch diese spannende Band in unserem Roster anbieten zu können und versorgen euch bald unter Artists mit weiteren Informationen zu Band, Album, Daten und Konditionen.

Goodbye Loo & Placido – welcome LOOPIDO!


Amazing sounds, great artwork and mind blowing audio-visual-experiences  – our French friends Loo & Placido surely are two of the most creative guys we know. They never stop working on new ideas and now, they even reinvented themselves:
Ladies & Gentlemen please goodbye Loo & Placido and give a warm welcome to LOOPIDO!

Loopido’s the name and  COMBOCLAP stands for the new sound. A mix of House Music with some Jamaican and urban sounds powdered with a touch of Bass to keep it modern and futuristic. And as a reference to the Jamaican word ‚Bomboclat‘, Comboclap also stands for unexpected surprises! Want a teaser? Here you go:



COMBOCLAP starts in early September with a series of mixtapes, and we keep you posted on the many things to come! Please contact us for details and the possibilities to clap with LOOPIDO at your clubs and festivals

Pushing on with The Allergies


‘Push On’, the second album of our friends The Allergies, will hit the stores on July 28, 2017. It will again be released via Jalapeno Records and is available on Digital/CD/LP formats.

The new release blends Latin beats, boogie, northern soul, UK rap, psych breaks, funk, disco and ‘headnod business’ to a unique party sound. “I think we literally made a track for every style of music we like,” says Rackabeat from The Allergies in their latest interview with independent online mag Something you said.

Throughout the last months The Allergies toured some of the most important clubs and festivals in Europe. One highlight was surely playing alongside BBC6 Music’s Craig Charles at Glastonbury with more than 5,000 enthusiastic music lovers dancing to their sound.

‘Push On’ will also be promoted with a club and festival tour in autumn / winter 2017.

Please contact us for available dates!

Push on the party!