Bad Fat hip hop and boiling jazz vibes!

The French have a great tradition when it comes to mixing cultures and revolutionizing the world. So it‘s no surprise that the French Brass and hip hop crew Bad Fat is inspired by the swing of New Orleans Jazz, the  musical variety of Don Cherry and the raw energy and political force of Public Enemy alike.

Again in collaboration with our friends from Face B Agency we’re very excited to bring this vibe onto the stages of your clubs and festival.

Boiling brass sounds, excellent flow and a show that combines highly energetic performance with a lot of fun and a scent of irony. If you’re into bands like Meute or the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Bad Fat will be you new favourite!

Bad Fat are available as a band with six amazing musicians and one or MCs: permanent member MC Jay Ree (Zenzile, City Kay) and/or American rapper / beatboxer / showman Napoleon Maddox.

Please contact us for details and availability!

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