New album from DJ Kormac now available!

DJ Kormac – Doorsteps

We’re happy to share the news that the new album from our friend DJ Kormac, ‘Doorsteps’ is now available on Bodytonic Music in digital format and as a limited  12″ vinyl edition.

The record features collaborations with legendary ‘Trainspotting’ author Irvine Welsh, Mercury Music Prize winner Speech Debelle, Bonobo vocalist and spoken-word artist Bajka, and many more.

“Reminds me of a cross between Kid Koala and Fingathing.” – DJ Food

With Doorsteps’, Kormac moves ahead from using vintage and film samples to creating his own original sound, based on the vocal recordings of his illustrious guests and a 10-piece Big Band ensemble.

Having performed at Annie Mac’s Amp Night she described them as “the most bizarre set-up I’ve ever seen – but it really works”.

DJ Kormac and his Big Band already became festival favourites, playing main stages at Glastonbury, Bestival and Electric Picnic. Thereafter they were soon performing across Europe, Asia and Africa which resulted in a tour of Australia with Portishead and The Flaming Lips.

Kormac’s solo audio visual show is driven by his aptitude for creating multi-sensory performances. Armed with new technology, he plays, scratches and manipulates both audio and video. Other variations on his live performances include a straight up DJ set and a sound system variation with live performance.

Please contact for availability and conditions!

Listen to a preview in the “Listen” section on bureau45 below.

More information on DJ Kormac and the new album here and on facebook.

Moin, Moin, DJ Coolmann!

DJ Coolmann

Neu im bureau45 Artist Roster: DJ Coolmann (Fünf Sterne deluxe)

Wer den Festivalsommer in Deutschland in diesem Jahr erlebt hat, konnte Fünf Sterne deluxe nicht übersehen. Hurricane, Southside, Splash! Chiemsee, Berlin Festival – nach der sensationellen Reunion im August 2013, rocken die Vier mit ihren legendären Klassikern und brandneuem Elan 2014 die Bühnen aller wichtigen Events.

Gründungsmitglied DJ Coolmann ist ebenfalls wieder mit von der Partie. Nach erfolgreichen Soloprojekten wie Visit Venus, als Produzent verschiedener deutscher Hip-Hop-Acts und als Labelmacher von Hong Kong Recordings zieht es ihn wieder auf die Bühne und hinter die Plattenteller.

Mit DJ Coolmann bringt Euch bureau45 geballte Hip-Hop-Kompetenz und die Turntable-Skills von Fünf Sterne deluxe an die Decks in Euren Clubs.

Anfragen zu Verfügbarkeit und Konditionen wie immer an

Mehr Informationen zu DJ Coolmann gibt es hier.



Happy Accidents: Klumzy Tung & Mr Dero on Tour 2014


Happy Accidents is the debut solo album from Klumzy Tung, produced by Mr.Dero, released early April 2014 on independent label Tiefparterre Records.

All songs have been pre-released to promote the entire album, each of them with music video, international remixes and fan-designed cover art. They gained multiple video award nominations, mainstream radio rotation, and continue to collect fans worldwide before the album’s even officially released!

Now they’re touring Europe and they simply blow away festival and club crowds, wherever they go, without fail. Diverse styles, freestyle and turntable trickery, clever lyrics, classy musicianship and bags full of energy all make up the show‘s big entertainment factor and gigantic feel good vibe.

“Watching Mr.Dero & Klumzy Tung is like having a music TV on “Random shuffle mode”, switching styles and occasionally hitting the kids channel, until you are dancing like a lunatic with a big smile on your face! BIG UPS!”
says Major Lazer / Diplo Tour Manager, Producer, and DJ JStar.

Klumzy Tung and his congenial partner Mr. Dero will be available for shows either with their 7 piece live band or as a DJ/MC sound system.

Please contact us for details and availability.


Listen to a promo here:

More information on Klumzy Tung, Mr. Dero and Happy Accidents.



Smoove & Turrell: Northern Coal Conquers Europe


Roughly one month ago, bureau45’s long time favourites Smoove and Turrell released their new album ‘Broken Toys’. And it already received enthusiastic reviews within the media and the music community!

It became ‘Album of the week” at Austrian radio broadcast Superfly.FM right after its release, Monkeyboxing says “This has more potential singles on it than a dating website… “ and British daily newspaper The Guardian offered an exclusive summer mix from Smoove & Turrell on their website. Those guys from Newcastle are definitely on their way up!

The “Broken Toys” launch was celebrated with a great live gig at the Jazz Café in Camden, London so it’s only natural that the album will be promoted with a live tour starting September 2014.

We’re very happy to offer you the entire package for booking: live band, dj set and soundsystem. Please contact us on dates and availability.


Read more about “Broken Toys” here:

Superfly.FM (in German)



No Depression

Frankly, My Dear


Trust In Wax


25 Years Of Nightmares On Wax

Nightmares on Wax – DJ Ease

2014 marks the 25th anniversary of Nightmares On Wax, the longest serving artist on famous Warp Records.

The Label is celebrating the landmark with a major retrospective campaign “Now Is The Time” to be released in June 2014. The selection will cover the entire spectrum of the Nightmares on Wax sound, ranging from funk, soul, and (acid) house to late 80s Balearica.

N.O.W. founder George Evelyn aka DJ Ease will get the 25 year celebration moving with his current live band, which is widely agreed to be the strongest live presentation Nightmares On Wax ever had:

Album launch in Ibiza:

Live on KCRW:

Live El Ray LA:

Live @ The Scala UK:

The life-affirming strings of Les Nuit fill the air and the Ibiza sunshine fills the rooms. “With This Album it was a case of, ‘what have you got to say for yourself’,” he tells us afterwards. Going by tonight, the power of Nightmares On Wax to keep everyone feelin’ good is the answer.

The world tour starts right N.O.W.!
Contact us on conditions and availability.


More information on Nigtmares on Wax: