“All The Roads” From L.A. To Europe

Pigeon John_620x350

Hip-hop meets pop meets electro – Pigeon John’s new album is another bomb for the dancefloor – and we proudly welcome him to our artist roster! When in 2010 Pigeon John’s “The Bomb” blasted the clubs, festivals and – through the amazing Volkswagen commercial – tv screens, it meant a turning point in his 10 […]

DJ Supermarkt

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Style: Disco, AOR-Disco-Edits, Electropop   A party entertainment one man show! DJ Supermarkt started his “professional” Dj career twenty years ago, in 1994. But he’s far from growing up:  his style changes a lot, and he’s looking for new and exciting sounds all the time. Right now, it’s a mix of modern funky electronic disco […]