“All The Roads” From L.A. To Europe

Hip-hop meets pop meets electro – Pigeon John’s new album is another bomb for the dancefloor – and we proudly welcome him to our artist roster!

When in 2010 Pigeon John’s “The Bomb” blasted the clubs, festivals and – through the amazing Volkswagen commercial – tv screens, it meant a turning point in his 10 years career that began in L.A.’s open-mic scene in the late 90s. The according album “Dragon Slayer” used samples of original instrumentation to blend hip-hop, pop music and electro to an uplifting sound experience.

With his new album “All The Roads” he continues and refines this work, re-adding some of his spoken-word roots with the lyrics. Energetic, charming, innovative, uplifting, deep, personal but never too serious – the new release has everything you need for great entertainment.

Pigeon John will be touring Europe in March 2015 to promote “All The Roads” and we are happy to offer available dates for the tour as well as for festivals in summer.

Please contact frank@bureau45.com for details.


More information on Pigeon John and the new album here:

Official website



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