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Smokey Joe & the Kid

Style: Swing, Hip Hop, Electro


The sound of these guys takes us from 1920’s Swing to today’s Hip Hop and Electro. Percussion solos played with scratches, beats and melodies banged out on the MPC – everything is performed live. Together with VJ Miss Chemar, they deliver a unique, dynamic A/V Show!

Style in five words:
SMOKEY JOE : Hip-Hop with Big Bass and Futuristic Cuts
THE KID : Hip-hop, Swing, Blues, Video Games

Genres that struck me first:
SMOKEY JOE : Jazz, Dub, Hip-hop
THE KID : Hip-hop, Metal, Rock

Most influential artists:
SMOKEY JOE: Ravel, John Coltrane, Jim Morrison, Amon Tobin, Damon Albarn
THE KID: Danny Elfman, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Dj Shadow

Our three most successful tracks/remixes:
„Trippin“: 1st Collab with PuppetMastaz
„Happy“: Our remix of C2C
„Daniel“:  Our remix of Deluxe

Greatest moment of our career:
SMOKEY JOE : 1st travel to america with music. An amazing moment to play at IglooFest, Montreal (CA)
THE KID : Scratching with Dj Krush at the end of its set for 5 minutes in front of his audience at the beginning of my career, crazy moment.

What makes a a good live performance?
SMOKEY JOE : 1st of all: Good Music! In a nice place, with a big and energic show, and a warm audience happy to be there.
THE KID : The sweat.

My favourite embarrassing tune:
SMOKEY JOE : Louis Prima – I’m just a Gigolo
THE KID : Ginuwine – Pony

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
SMOKEY JOE : The worst run ever: a drunk driver after a show, driving us back without managing anything. We almost crashed into a Caribou!!! Frightening!!!
THE KID : Ugliest girl of the crowd coming on stage and try to kiss me, and yeah, we almost died a couple of time in cars, planes, trains, horses …

MP3 – VINYL: Why?
SMOKEY JOE : Mp3 is easier to carry on but vynil is so much sexy!!!
THE KID : Definitly vynil, but i need to win the lottery to buy all my Mp3’s in vynil.

Shouts to the clubs & promoters:
SMOKEY JOE & THE KID : It’s just a matter of time: the gang will knock at your doors!!

More information and music:

New video clip Slow Drag
Smokey Joe’s Café

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