Mr. Nice Guy

Style: Genre Bending Party Rocker – Hip hop, Mashup, House, Funk


Don’t expect Mr. Nice Guy to just mess around with the top 40 chart. He’s more likely to serve fresh mashups and unheard remixes in between the hits. His unique mixing style have earned him an exclusive invite to Red Bull Thre3Style and a Red Bull Most Wanted DJ title. When Mr. Nice Guy isn’t traveling around as a Genre-Bending DJ, he’s spinning Reggae Riddims as Martin Jondo’s Tour DJ at festivals like Summerjam or Ruhr Reggae Summer.

Style in five words:
Very, very, very happy music.

Genres that struck me first:
Old School Hiphop, 80s, Funk

Most influential artists:
DJ AM (RIP): He’s the king of Open Format DJing. He paved the way for so many genre-bending DJs nowadays.
Z-Trip: My favorite DJ before Serato. I love how he used to blend different genres, which was exactly what I was already looking for back then.
DJ Spinbad: Living legend. I used to listen to his 80’s Mixtapes, over and over.
Skratch Bastid: Truly a DJ’s DJ. Very good combination of selection, technicality and stage presence.
Martin Jondo: Aka the Rainbow Warrior. His music is dope, and working with him is super fun and has opened many doors for me.
Michael Jackson: You know why :)

Greatest moment of my career:
Being chosen as one of the first German Red Bull Thre3Style DJs after I had just started my
professional career. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks. Seriously.

What makes a DJ a DJ?
Understand yourself as a brand. The songs you play (and don’t play), the way you play them and how you present yourself on stage. You need to be aware of your whole concept. Selection is totally key when it comes to party rocking. It’s important to play hits, but what really sets you apart are the songs you play in between the hits, because any fool can play the Top 40s the entire night. In my opinion selection beats technicality, although I have nothing but love for turntablism. And let’s not forget about stage presence. You can add a lot more to your gig, if you show the crowd how much you love your job.

My favourite embarrassing tune:
I Can’t Go For That (No Can’t Do) – Hall & Oates
Perfect amount of cheese. I love so many songs of them, but this is my favorite.

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
I was on Fast Forward tour in 2013 with my man Martin Jondo playing an after show party. Crazy vibe, people going nuts. I remember one girl in the crowd lifting her shirt to show me her boobs. I must have have looked really silly. Her boyfriend was standing next to her, by the way.

I love my records, I learned DJing with vinyl records. Not hating on the sync button, but I enjoy mixing songs manually, without staring at my laptop screen. Nevertheless I’m not afraid to say that I prefer a high quality MP3 as long I can spin on turntables using serato. Digital vinyl system gave me so many opportunities to travel so easily and – most important – spin mashups that would haven never been pressed to vinyl.

Shouts to the clubs & promoters / recent favourite gigs:
Peace to the promoters worldwide, especially the ones who worked with me from the beginning.
The whole moondoo family, Martin Jondo, Kevin Prince Boateng and Benedikt Höwedes :)


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