Get it up for love: DJ Supermarkt joins the bureau45 roster

Imagine a relaxed and warm Saturday in the park, or having a sizzling Manhattan at the deck of a yacht and you’ll get that “Too slow to disco” feeling that DJ Supermarkt captured so perfectly in his highly successful compilation.

In spite of the title, the soft westcoast-yacht-electro-disco-pop-rock sound of DJ Supermarkt fits perfectly into clubs: his main goal is making the audience happy and he’s always looking for new sounds to make people smile and dance. Which he did in clubs and festivals such as Monarch (Berlin), Melt, or Benicassim – with audiences up to 35,000 people.

“Too Slow to Disco” Vol. 2 has just been released – and we’re very happy to welcome DJ Supermarkt at bureau45. Please contact us for further information and availability.

More information and music at the bureau45 artist roster and DJ Supermarkt’s  „How do you are?“ blog.

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