DJ Angelo

Style: Music-Loving Eclectic Party-Rocking Turntablist


From small-town hero to internationally-acclaimed DJ idol – the past few years have seen Angelo perform in every continent of the world, entertaining massive festival audiences, and sharing stages alongside some of the music industry’s elite. His tireless commitment to preserving and furthering the culture of #RealDJing is matched only by his ambition to entertain wider audiences and to showcase his creative vision on bigger platforms.

Style in five words:
Urban, Funky, Bass, Mashup, Turntablism

Genres that struck me first:
Hip-hop, House, Funk, RnB

Most influential artists:
DJ Craze, DJ Kentaro, Jazzy Jeff, Michael Jackson, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z

My three most successful DJ mixes:
Turntablist On Tour
House Party
Ape To Gentlemen

Greatest moment of my career:
Completing my dream of performing in every continent of the world. (Ok ok, so I’m still waiting to tour Antarctica but I’ll get there!)

What makes a DJ a DJ?
In my opinion, a DJ is a tastemaker and leader who understands the relationship between music and emotions. Someone who can tailor their selections and live performance to best entertain each crowd they play to whilst being true to themselves as an artist.

My favourite embarrassing tune:
No music embarrasses me. I have good tastes 😉

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
Performing in 7 countries in 7 days. Wasn’t really weird but was pretty damn tough!

Both. I embrace new digital technology whilst preserving my original way of performing with turntables and vinyl (shout out to Serato). I would never feel satisfied letting technology do all the work for me so you can always expect a live, raw performance.

Shouts to the clubs & promoters / recent favourite gigs:
Salute to all the clubs and promoters who support me worldwide. You know who you are. And much respect to everyonewho continues to appreciate good music and real DJ talent.


More information and music:

Official website

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