Schlakks from Dortmund runs poetic, party-proven rap for doubting enthusiasts and those who want to become one. In search of the last islands of freedom, he is best known as a live MC. Together with his partners Opek and Razzmatazz, he has demolished countless festival stages and clubs in recent years.

Style in five words:
Rap, Drums, DJing, High Five & some Gymnastics

Genres that struck me first:
RAZZMATAZZ: Techno, Jazz
OPEK : The melodies of Pop, the energy of Punk

Most influential artists:
SCHLAKKS: Helge Schneider
OPEK: Karriem Riggins
RAZZMATZZ: Gilles Peterson

Our three most successful tracks/remixes:
„Worüber reden wir hier“
„Der Stoff aus dem“

Greatest moment of our career:
There has never been one special moment. It’s the love for all these small special and unique moments which makes it oh so beautiful. No matter if there are 20 or 2000 people in the crowd, we’ll rock it.

What makes a a good live performance?
A good PA & open eyes and ears in the audience
Energy and the dubious brilliance of being a human being.

My favourite embarrassing tune:
SCHLAKKS : Rihanna – Diamonds
OPEK: Whitney Houston – How will i know

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
Can’t decide. All the touring is so miraculously weird. But please tell the other bands not to sleep in our room!

MP3 – VINYL: Why?
SCHLAKKS: Heart for the Vinyl, use for the MP3.OPEK:
RAZZMATAZZ:  mp3, because of little storage on my mobile phone; Vinyl, because i am a DJ.

Shouts to the clubs & promoters:
All you crazy venues out there: we love you! Thanks for keeping it up. Just hit us for some sweaty shirts.

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