New at bureau45: Freak Power

Remember the days when cool sounds were used for commercials that rather looked like MTV videos?

Freak Power, formed in 1993 by Norman Cook and Ashley Slater, created one of the signature tunes of that era: Turn On, Tune in, Cope Out. The song hit no. 1 in the UK in 1995 when it appeared in a campaign for a big blue jeans company, and proves its class until today.

Now, Ashley is back with a Freak Power band that features new talented musicians along with some of the great original players from back then. Their set is cool, sexy, energetic, lyrical, and even more powerful and timely than in the early days.

The new single Soul Clap was taken from the upcoming EP “United State”.

The promo tour will bring all the new and of course the best from the classic sound to festivals and clubs around Europe.

We’re really excited to work with those great guys! Get in touch wih us for details and availability.



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