Mop Mop

Style: Jazz, Funk, Dub

Since 2005, Mastermind Andrea Benini and his band Mop Mop blend Jazz with elements of dub, electronics, funk and world music. Their latest studio album „Lunar Love“ released in summer 2016 received great feedback from dedicated music mags to the Financial Times:

Style in five words:
Voodoo Jazz, Hypnotic Groove, Funk, Organic Dub, Soul

Genres that struck us first:
Jazz (A Bastard Performance Of Modern Jazz)

Most influential artists:
Sun Ra, James Brown, Piero Umiliani

Greatest moment of our career:
Collaboration with Funk Legend Fred Wesley

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
The performance was so „hot“ during a show in Berlin that a few girls started to undress.

Shouts to the clubs & promoters / recent favourite gigs:
Fusion Festival, Club Der Visionaere, The Jazz Cafe, Nu Spirit


More music and information:

Mop Mop DJ set
Offical website
Agogo Records

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