Loo & Placido

Style: Electro, Urban, Disco, Bass, Tropical


Loo & Placido, French audio-visual wizards with a sound based on a  mix of House Music with some Jamaican and urban sounds powdered with a touch of Bass to keep it modern and futuristic. You can also expect a lot of humour, weirdness, amazing visuals, and unexpected surprises.  Go for it!

Style in five words:
We mix, you clap. Comboclap!

Genres that struck us first:
It all started with some Skateboard videos in the 90’s with a lot of american Punk Rock, some Old School Hip-Hop and a few metal, reggae, funk and folk songs….
That’s the reason why our tastes are so eclectic I guess…

Most influential artists:
Daft Punk, Fatboy Slim, Diplo, Beastie Boys, Michael Jackson, AC-DC….. just to name some of the biggest names….

Our three most successful tracks/remixes:
*SKRILLEX vs DAFT PUNK vs HOUSE OF PAIN (+++ 265 000 Plays on Soundcloud)
*RETRO FUTURE SHOCK MIXTAPE (+++ 130 000 Plays on Soundcloud)
*BOB MARLEY vs EMPIRE OF THE SUN (+++ 81 000 Plays on Soundcloud)

Greatest moment of our career:
We had plenty of great moments, but the first time we played at Fusion Festival in Germany was magical!
There was so much electricity and energy in the air, it was unreal!
One of those special and unique moments we’ll never forget!

What makes a DJ a DJ?
The ability to entertain a crowd, make the people dance and smile by inviting them to your musical journey.
To tell a good story, the selection and the order of the tracks is the most important thing and no Sync button will ever help you with that.

Our favourite embarrassing tunes:
As kids who spent a lot of time watching video clips on MTV, we have a lot of guilty pleasures… One of the latest is Miley Cyrus ‘Wrecking Ball’

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
It was in Sarajevo for NYE when a security guy almost got killed after being stabbed in the throat near our DJ Booth…
It happened around 00h30 so you can imagine it was not the best way to celebrate and start the New Year as the party had to stop right away….

MP3 – VINYL: Why?
We play WAV files because we use serato and anyway, we don’t want to carry our vinyls in the airports and train stations every week-ends, we’re to lazy for that 😀

Shouts to the clubs & promoters:
We play about 60 dates every year all around Europe and sometimes even further and the main reason we do this job is to get to meet new people and visit new places, so from the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank all the clubs, festivals and promoters who put their trust in us and give us the opportunity to live our dream!
And of course, a big shout out to all the nice and crazy people we met over the years.


More information and music here:

Loo & Placido-official website
Retro Future Shock

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