Goodbye Loo & Placido – welcome LOOPIDO!

Amazing sounds, great artwork and mind blowing audio-visual-experiences  – our French friends Loo & Placido surely are two of the most creative guys we know. They never stop working on new ideas and now, they even reinvented themselves:
Ladies & Gentlemen please goodbye Loo & Placido and give a warm welcome to LOOPIDO!

Loopido’s the name and  COMBOCLAP stands for the new sound. A mix of House Music with some Jamaican and urban sounds powdered with a touch of Bass to keep it modern and futuristic. And as a reference to the Jamaican word ‚Bomboclat‘, Comboclap also stands for unexpected surprises! Want a teaser? Here you go:



COMBOCLAP starts in early September with a series of mixtapes, and we keep you posted on the many things to come! Please contact us for details and the possibilities to clap with LOOPIDO at your clubs and festivals

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