Reeps One

bureau45 proudly presents: Reeps One

Two-time UK beatboxing champion, audiovisual artist, battle painter, and object of scientific curiosity – Reeps One is far more than you’d ever expect.

Reeps One won the UK Beatboxing Championships in 2009 and 2010. His shows are bursting with his eclectic repertoire of music from deep house and rolling hip-hop through to Jungle and Jazz, taking audiences on a diverse journey and providing something truly unique to a crowd.

He is also a painter, performing in live battle drawings at the famous Secret Walls events and design and fashions shows of the likes of London and Milan Design week, and Bread and Butter Barcelona.

It’s only logical that Reeps has also recently begun combining his passion for visual arts with his music to produce the “Organic Electronics” AV show using the science of cymatics, controlled by his voice.

Reeps One has drawn the attention of those outside the conventional world of a beatboxer: He was recently invited by neurologists at UCL to have his brain scanned as part of a study on what changes in a person’s mind when they become an expert at their skill.

bureau45 is happy to announce that Reeps One is now available for bookings of his A/V show Organic Electronics, his solo show or to draw live at events.

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