Nightmares on Wax – DJ Ease

25 Years Of Nightmares On Wax

2014 marks the 25th anniversary of Nightmares On Wax, the longest serving artist on famous Warp Records.

The Label is celebrating the landmark with a major retrospective campaign „Now Is The Time“ to be released in June 2014. The selection will cover the entire spectrum of the Nightmares on Wax sound, ranging from funk, soul, and (acid) house to late 80s Balearica.

N.O.W. founder George Evelyn aka DJ Ease will get the 25 year celebration moving with his current live band, which is widely agreed to be the strongest live presentation Nightmares On Wax ever had:

Album launch in Ibiza:

Live on KCRW:

Live El Ray LA:

Live @ The Scala UK:

The life-affirming strings of Les Nuit fill the air and the Ibiza sunshine fills the rooms. “With This Album it was a case of, ‘what have you got to say for yourself’,” he tells us afterwards. Going by tonight, the power of Nightmares On Wax to keep everyone feelin‘ good is the answer.

The world tour starts right N.O.W.!
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More information on Nigtmares on Wax:

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