Ursula 1000

Style: Disco, Breaks, Psychedelic, Funk, House


URSULA 1000 is the alter ego of Brooklyn, New York based producer/DJ/multi-instrumentalist Alex Gimeno. His albums and mix sessions have taken on a broad scope of retro tinged spy grooves, bumping latin disco funk, hints of post punk, electro, go go, sleazy glam rock.  In 2014 he introduced both his space disco alias Quentin Quatro and his label Insect Queen Music.

Style in five words:
Time Traveling Electro Disco House

Genres that struck me first:
New Wave/Post Punk 

Most influential artists:
Beatles/Kraftwerk/James Brown/David Bowie

My three most successful tracks/remixes:
Kinda Kinky, Kaboom and Star Machine

Greatest moment of my career:
Hard to pick a greatest moment whether it was rocking thousands at the Shambhala Festival peak time Saturday night or just those simple moments when people come up to you in the booth and tell you how much they love your music.

What makes a DJ a DJ?:
I’m sure its been said a million times but just riding that fine line of reading and rocking a crowd and still trying to educate them and open their mind.

My favourite embarrassing tune:
Gino Vannelli

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
Got asked by a supermodel to play a song again and refused. Someone had to tell them NO at least once in their life!

MP3 – VINYL: Why?
Vinyl all the way. Though MP3s are very easy to travel with! So lets say WAVs!

Shouts to the clubs & promoters:
Alex and the Moondoo crew in Hamburg! Robbie at Shambhala in Canada! Rubulad in Brooklyn! Too many to mention…!


More information and music:

Ursula 1000-official website


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