Style: Jazz

TOYTOY are making noise in Germany’s underground jazz scene. Their experimental power sound is inspired by beats from jazz, hip hop and generally the whole world. In their short existence as a band they have already released two albums with their own music and have started a concert series playing milestone albums of pop history in their own jazz versions. This series [rejazzed] is suprisingly successful, bringing not only jazz crowds into hip clubs all over Germany. The thing tying all this together is the special TOYTOY sound. Fat bass, virtuoso space guitar and a drum/percussion duo you’ll have to see to believe how they sound together. There are a bunch of curiosities along the way too, the drummer is also a rapper, bass and guitar get augmented through electronics and synths. Percussion doubles as a dub station with super trippy soundscapes. The end result sounds like an afternoon of J Dilla and Frank Zappa doing bong hits together.

Style in five words:
Zappa and Dilla smoking Weed!

Genres that struck us first:
Jazz and everything that evolved out of it.

Most influential artists:
The four of us have very different taste but as you can read above on Dilla and Zappa we can definitely agree. And if you do the math it’s clear that we love contemporaries like Noname, Knower or Thundercat.

Our three most successful tracks:
Haha…As far as today we content ourself looking at the non-financial side of success.So if you love of our songs and manage to let us know then it’s already a huge success for us.

Greatest moment of our career:
Performing our super experimental [rejazzed] Version of „The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill“ for a huge crowd in Hamburgs „Knust“. People went with it euphorically even though we really took it way out. That was uplifting and taught us a lot!

What makes a good live set?
It should display love and communicate this emotion to everybody present in the room. When this happens everybody will give everything they have which will synergize to some big energy!

Our favourite embarrassing tune:
I don’t know if embarrassing is the right word but it’s a little cheesy for shure: We love to play José Feliciano’s „And the feelings good“ as a Track. You will recognize which hiphop-classic pointed us in his direction.

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
We played a festival in Kathmandu, Nepal and they told the band that played before us to stop playing because somebody spotted a tiger. We played anyway and we also all agree now that the very bumpy and very fast ride down the very steep mountain on very narrow serpentines in a very big bus was way more dangerous than the tiger, haha.


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