Smith & Smart

Style: Hip-hop

Smith & Smart from Berlin take it slow and steady. In the 15 years of making music together, they saw a lot of hypes and styles come and go – and so they decided to stick with their unique approach to hip-hop. Tight, dadaistic, critical, relaxed, and sometimes simply silly and histrionic. Oldschool keeps you young!


Style in five words:
Oldschool hiphop with fun and styles

Genres that struck us first:
hiphop, punk, elektro, drumNbass, jazz, hardcore, reggae

Most influential artists:
beastie boys

Your three most successful tracks/remixes:
born, school, work, death
ihr seid nicht berlin
wer bezahlt das taxi?

Greatest moment of our career:
every single day who we work together and be on stage

What makes a dj a dj:
the view for people

My favourite embarassing tune:
musik ist nicht peinlich – nur die menschen die es hören
(music is not embarrassing – just sometimes the people listening to it.)

Weirdest that happened on tour:
journey in a wrong city with the same name

nothing can copy original vinyl, only sometimes serato might be more comfortable and cheaper


More  information and music:

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