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Pigeon John

Style: Electro, Hip-Hop, Pop


In 2011, Pigeon John released Dragon Slayer, a hybrid of pop, electro and hip-hop co-produced along side Hervé Salters from General Elektriks. With the success of  “The Bomb”, the contagious energy spread throughout the whole of Europe, where more than 100 000 singles have been sold. A hit that is currently enjoying a second life on the trailer for the Dead Island 2 video game.

Attention for John never dropped as the rapper from LA got to collaborate with C2C the notorious and multi platinum selling French DJ crew, on the track “Because of You” – taken from their debut album Tetra. He even followed them on tour for over 18 months from sold out arenas to major European festivals.

With the new album All The Roads, John reconnects with his partner in crime Hervé Salters. The singer-songwriter-rapper is in many ways still the same kid who more than a decade ago sprang from the Project Blowed open-mic scene at the Good Life Café in South Central Los Angeles. Still inventing, reinventing, exploring, taking risks, surviving the peaks and valley; John always manages to turn it all into something musically memorable.

Writing the songs for the album though, wasn’t always so fun. The album follows Pigeon John’s divorce three years ago and his move back to L.A. thus leaving the San Fernando valley. Remnants of this suffering come alight on the song “All The Roads”. However his verses always keep this amused take on himself, ever more as they are balanced out by the sweet vocals of Canadian crooner singer Kellylee Evans or when DJ Atom from C2C / Beat Torrent puts John back on track with a more club uplifting remix.

The songs from All The Roads, sound like enjoyable tales carrying a gripping message, and the lead single “Boomerang” on which John invites his new accomplice 20Syl (C2C, Hocus Pocus) sheds a news amused light on the emotional roller coaster experienced by John.

With all this said, Pigeon John, is still well alive and kicking, with his spontaneous charm, the album bears the more familiar qualities of his delirious moments. His clever and multiple flows, are his main weapons, and if sometimes he feels like he is in a Star Wars episode with people running after him all the time, he can count on his many Californian buddies to help him out, Flynn Adams, LDontheCut, Ariano, Gr. Jsn Beits, all know the deal, hailing themselves from the indie hip Hop scene, growing up to Jurassic5, Blackalicious or the many talented fellows that crowded the Quannum label of which John was also a part of.

There is no doubt that Pigeon John after telling us about All The Roads he’s taken, will share his well earned knowledge. Let’s follow him along the way while he brings with him the Cali sunshine and his eternal positive state of mind which spreads like wildfire amongst his fans, old and new, as much as his tracks do online.

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