Style: Swing, Disco, House, Mash Up


Producer, musician, dj.

Minimatic has created an « electro-organic swing-soul-shaking-re-beats » sound of its own, full of vintage instruments & modern electronic treatment to achieve a colourful production. As a Dj,  he has played all over France & Europe in general, bringing his groovy retro-modern sound to the dancers audience.

Style in five words:
Vintage reloaded reworks & electroswing

Genres that struck me first:
Electro / soul / deepfunk / hip-pop

Most influential artists:
Serge Gainsbourg / Dj Harvey / Artie Shaw / Kraftwerk

My three most successful tracks/remixes:
No Swinggity / Ye-Ye / Owner of a boogaloo heart

Greatest moment of my career:
Playing in front of 4000 jumping & smiling people @ Fusion Festival 2014 under the rainy night !

What makes a DJ a DJ?
Djing is feeling the people’s soul, taking them for a journey, a pure moment of shared moods.
It’s all about energy, received & sent back, in a stylish way. Mixing with style is essential.

My favourite embarrassing tune:
One of my own track, used only on stage, called “Hommage XX”. 7 mins of infectious beats mixed with cuts of vintage french moaning & hypnosis rare record ;)

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
Vinyl suitcases have landed in Helsinki, when i landed myself in Amsterdam, where i was intended to play a gig a few hours later…

MP3 – VINYL: Why?
Formats war is useless. I love vinyl, collect 1000’s of them à home… but i play digital on stage.
Actually, just check my reply to question 8 and you’ll understand why i’ve begun mixing digital !

Shouts to the clubs & promoters:
Crossing the styles, mixing the audiences, shaking the past & the future alltogether in a fashionable, albeit timeless sound :  that’s my aim.


More information and music:

Minimatic-official website


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