Happy Accidents: Klumzy Tung & Mr Dero on Tour 2014

Happy Accidents is the debut solo album from Klumzy Tung, produced by Mr.Dero, released early April 2014 on independent label Tiefparterre Records.

All songs have been pre-released to promote the entire album, each of them with music video, international remixes and fan-designed cover art. They gained multiple video award nominations, mainstream radio rotation, and continue to collect fans worldwide before the album’s even officially released!

Now they’re touring Europe and they simply blow away festival and club crowds, wherever they go, without fail. Diverse styles, freestyle and turntable trickery, clever lyrics, classy musicianship and bags full of energy all make up the show‘s big entertainment factor and gigantic feel good vibe.

“Watching Mr.Dero & Klumzy Tung is like having a music TV on “Random shuffle mode”, switching styles and occasionally hitting the kids channel, until you are dancing like a lunatic with a big smile on your face! BIG UPS!”
says Major Lazer / Diplo Tour Manager, Producer, and DJ JStar.

Klumzy Tung and his congenial partner Mr. Dero will be available for shows either with their 7 piece live band or as a DJ/MC sound system.

Please contact us for details and availability.


Listen to a promo here:

More information on Klumzy Tung, Mr. Dero and Happy Accidents.



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