DJ Format

Style: Hip Hop, Funk, Psychedelic, Soul, Disco


DJ Format is one of the few producers from these shores to successfully collaborate with US MCs, his tracks with Jurassic 5 are bonafide classics and his subsequent releases have cemented his position as a pioneer in the UK scene. As a DJ, Format is out on his own, with a collection of classic hip hop, funk, latin, psych and beyond that is unrivalled.

Style in five words:
B-Boy Style!

Genres that struck me first:
My first love was Hip Hop in the 1980’s but then I discovered Jazz and Funk in the ’90s, which then started my never ending search for old music to sample, play in clubs, or just enjoy listening to at home.

Most influential artists:
Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, James Brown

My three most successful tracks/remixes:
We Know Something You Don’t Know (ft. Chali 2na & Akil), ILL Culinary Behaviour (ft. Abdominal), FabricLive27 (mix CD)

Greatest moment of my career:
I was lucky enough to tour all around the UK & Europe with Jurassic 5 in 2003. Abdominal & I were the opening act on the J5 tour and we played in 20 different cities and had the time of our lives!

What makes a DJ a DJ?
In my opinion, a DJ can be judged on their records and their skills. My personal favourite DJ’s have great record collections and the skills to play them in a unique and entertaining way. I try to aspire to this myself.

My favourite embarassing tune:
Trommeltanz (aka ‘Din Daa Daa’) by George Kranz. I’ve loved this record since I first heard it in the 1984 film “Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo”.

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
Having a spontaneous freestyle jam with one of my musical heroes, Afrika Baby Bam (from the Jungle Brothers), at the end of a party when we were definitely both too drunk to perform in public! He asked me to cut up some records for him to rhyme over, so I couldn’t really refuse his request…but I’m pretty sure we sounded terrible ha ha!

MP3 – VINYL: Why?
VINYL!!! I’ve never used Serato or anything like that. I’ve spent all of my adult life collecting records so vinyl is something I’m very passionate about.

Shouts to the clubs & promoters
Thanks to all the clubs, promoters and DJ’s that still invite me to play the music that I love so much. 


More information and music:

DJ Format-official website
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