Boca 45

Style: Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Breaks, Disco


Scott “Boca 45” Hendy is the Bristol UK beatsmith who’s been at the forefront of funky breakbeat music for well over a decade.  Boca is ready to hit the clubs, armed with a heaving box of 7” vinyl. His aim? As it has been on all his global travels and international DJ shows, to whip crowds into a frenzy with his crazy collection of vintage vinyl gems.

Style in five words:
Freestyle, Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Wax!

Genres that struck me first:
Hip Hop

Most influential artists:
Prince Paul, Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow (early stuff), Edan

My three most successful tracks/remixes:
Boca 45 “In The City” ft Mc Kay
Boca 45 “Down To Mexico” ft Stepchild
Boca 45 “Round & Round” ft Kelvin Swaby from The Heavy

Greatest moment of my career:
Warming up for DJ Kool Herc & him giving me props before he started his set for “Rippin’ it up in a true B-Boy Fashion” – not bad coming from the man who invented Hip Hop !

What makes a DJ a DJ?
Reading the crowd well – Educating the dancefloor whilst entertaining them & giving them the time of their lives 😉

My favourite embarrassing tune:
Too many but I’ll go for “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles today !

Weirdest thing that happened on tour:
Hanging out & drinking with Noel Gallagher in Brisbane in Australia

MP3 – VINYL: Why?
Vinyl for me (mostly 45’s but some 12’’s) I tried Serato for a bit but not for me – not the same vibe ..

Shouts to the clubs & promoters:
*Recent Favourite gigs
1/ Mojo, Hamburg Germany
2/ Jelly Jazz, Truro, UK
3/ La Gravière, Geneva, Switzerland
4/ Digga Please, London, UK

5/ The Big Chill, Bristol, UK


More information and music:

Boca 45-official website

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